He didn’t want to smother her spirit. He wanted to ignite her soul….

With him came everything reactive. Unpredictable chaos, passion, brutality & lust. In him she found a safe place that offered her peace within the turmoil. She knew his kink was savage and brutal and that he would hurt her. She longed for the impact and yearned for the delivery of pain. She knew he would hurt her body, but at the same time, she knew he would never harm her mind or soul. This allowed her to submit to his will, and accept his Domination. To adore his Sadist nature. To relish in his delivery of brutality and pain.

He looked into her eyes, his gaze knowingly piercing and shattering the protective wall she had built. She knew that he could hear her darkest whispers, he could sense her deepest fears, he could understand her twisted mind and he accepted her smouldering soul. An acceptance that was unconditional, unequivocal and unquestionable. An acceptance that was absolute and complete.

He made her feel loved and safe. Adored and needed. Wanted and desired. His collar adorned her neck, and awakened fires deep within her very core. A feeling of belonging that she never knew had existed. She needed him. Desired him. Wanted him. She wanted to taste his darkness, to please him. She felt the need to completely serve him.

His actions, his methods, everything about him, made her want to please him, serve him, honour him. His lips on hers awakened the smouldering fires in her soul, that she had never realised existed. He made her want things, dream of things, lust for things, that so many before him claimed they could offer, but only he could actually deliver.

He gave her the opportunity to serve him. To submit to him. To surrender to him. To give everything of herself to him. To give herself completely to him. In return, he offered to satisfy her needs, by allowing her to satisfy his. He didn’t want to extinguish her essence like others had attempted to. He didn’t want to smother her spirit like many had tried to do before him. He wanted to ignite her soul, and light a fire within her that would burn so brightly, that it would truly empower her as a woman, and as his beautiful submissive.

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A card sat on her pillow, and this is what she read….

Now is the moment, and this is the way…

You’ll perform as required, every single day ~ 

From this point on, you’ll do as I say…

The option for denial, is never okay ~ 

You are my submissive, and I am your Sir…

Do the things I require, and I will make you purr ~

You are my fuck toy, and I am your Master…

When I pin you against the wall, we will crack the plaster ~

You are my little, and I am your Daddy…

I’ll hold and cuddle you, but never treat you badly ~

You are my pet, and I am your Owner…

I love the way my cock, turns you into a filthy fucking moaner ~

You are my princess, and I am your King…

I’ll fuck you so hard, that it makes your cunt sing ~

I’m here to push you, not act as your pastor…

Listen and learn, I’m your kink choirmaster ~ 

You will dress and act, perform and play…

How, when, where, and wherever I say ~ 

I promise you erotic, exciting and fun…

Lots of kink included, when all said and done ~

So open your mind, and know in your heart…

My Domination is my gift to you, your submission a rare piece of art ~ 

As always, I hope you are enjoying your kink journey.


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Look at the sorrows and heartaches of the past….

Look at the sorrows & heartaches of the past & learn from those experiences. They happened for a reason. To make you stronger. Allow those lessons to teach you how to avoid heartbreaks of the future.


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I am the gentleman that will claim you. The one who will nurture your very soul….

I am the gentleman who will claim you, the way you have always dreamed of being claimed. I will tell you clearly, that you are mine. You will not only know it, your very soul will feel it. I will unlock your inner kink, and uplift your soul, taking you to dizzying new heights, helping you fight through sub frenzy and launch you into true sub space. 

I will take you to a special place, a place so sacred, that very few ever visit, and even less ever truly understand its alluring and intoxicating complexity. A place where you will experience things you only thought belonged in deep, dark, hidden fantasies. I will teach you that being a sub is not about being treated as an inferior being, nor is it about negative control or oppression. I will take my time with you, empower you as a woman, and create an amazing being. A beautiful soul, built on uplifting confidence and absolute beauty. You will learn that a sub is always placed at her Doms feet, but never placed beneath him. He enjoys her, adores her and respects her.

I won’t touch you physically at first. In the beginning, I only want to touch and feel your mind. Discover those things you keep tightly locked away. Touch your mind until we become one. A place where you or I no longer exist. Only we.

When our lips finally meet, it will take your breath away, make the goosebumps dance a drunken dance of erotic beauty on your skin & leave you feeling intoxicatingly dizzy & utterly breathless.

You will give yourself to me unconditionally. Upon complete surrender, you will experience unexplainable bliss & feel so much joy enter your life. Your nightmares will cease, and instead become sweet satisfying dreams.

I won’t just train you as an s-type. I will empower you, and mould your very essence & soul. I will purge the demons from your soul. I will truly empower you to become the beautiful, strong, human being that you are.

I am going to give you what you crave, by giving you the opportunity to serve me, submit to me, to give yourself completely to me. I am going to satisfy your needs, by allowing you to satisfy mine.

I will wrap my hand around your beating heart and promise to never, ever let go. I will dry the tears that flow from your eyes. I will calm the gulping sobs that rack your chest and entire body.

I will subdue & control your demons. I will show you that I will be all that you need. I will be everything you need. Everything you had ever dreamed of, and so much more. I will complete you. I am your Sir, your One, your King.

I will make you feel safe & loved. Adored & needed. Wanted & desired. My collar around your neck, will ignite fires in your soul. I want you to taste my darkness, to please me. You will feel, and totally understand, the need to serve me.

Every interaction with me will feel like an amazing violation of your body, your mind, your soul, your essence & your spirit. An exciting charge of erotic energy that will start in the depths of your core & spread throughout the entirety of your body.

I will hold you and hug you so perfectly tight, that I will feel all of your shattered pieces, and I will begin to piece them back together. But better than before. You were beautiful before you shattered. By the time I have finished putting your pieces back together, you will be breathtakingly stunning.

I don’t just want your body. I want your soul, your spirit, your very essence itself. I want you. And everything about you. I will teach you, and guide you, into your journey of kink, empowering you as we grow together. I will be your guide, your teacher, your mentor, your pillar of strength. I will be the one that picks you up, when you falter and fall.

And ultimately, as strong as I am, you, my sub, will be my only weakness.

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