Domination is more than a simple act of pleasure……

Domination is more than a simple act of pleasure. It is the ability to be able to connect with a person so intimately, so closely, that their mind, body and soul intertwines with yours. To take control of their mind and their free will is breathtaking. The touch is amazingly electrifying. The connection becomes raw, pure and primal. Needs, desires, wants and appetites all meet, creating a flow of passion so intense, that nothing can break through the intense connection that is made during the intimacy of the session at hand. A crescendo of passion, shared between two people, senses heightened to the point of bursting. At that moment in time, you become, a part of them. Nothing on this earth, or in this life, compares to the fulfilment of true domination of a totally willing submissive.

Oh fuck yes, treat me like your filthy little fucking whore…….

“What is it that you want?”

“I want to be used by you.”

“Tell me what you really fucking want.”

“I want you to use me for whatever you like.”

“I know what you fucking want.”

“You do……?”

“You want me to violate you, use you, hurt you.”

“I do want that. Oh god I want that.”

“Tell me what you really fucking want.”

“I want you to fuck me like a slut.”

“What else do you want?”

“I want to be fucked hard. I want to feel real pain. I want my holes stretched and used.”

“You want me to treat you like my filthy little fucking whore, don’t you…..”

“Oh fuck yes, treat me like your filthy little fucking whore.”

“You want to be treated like the worthless little cunt you are, don’t you, you fucking slut?”

“Oh god yes, treat me like your worthless little cunt.”

“Get on your knees cunt. On your knees and offer yourself to me. Time to worship my cock. Time to become my fucking whore.”

“Oh fuck. Oh god yes. Thank you. Thank you Sir……”


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Ever wondered how it feels for a man when he orgasms? This description may help you understand the male orgasm and its effect….

I used to play a fun little game with some of the people I talk to on Fetlife. We ask each other 2 questions. Those questions can be about any subject, anything vanilla or kink. We must answer those questions completely honestly. We answer the questions, then we ask 2 questions back. It keeps conversations stimulated. Sometimes the questions are funny, sometimes intense, sometimes very personal. One of the questions I was asked the other day was to describe a good fantasy that I had masturbated over recently. My answer went like this.

99% of my fantasies include my wife. Hands down. She is hot as fuck and she consumes my mind. A good recent fantasy, was based off real events. Let me tell you the events first, so you understand background. I was at work. I texted my wife and instructed her to stop doing whatever she was doing, and to obey my instructions. She responded with “Yes Sir”.

I ordered her to drive into my work. I made her wear a small flaring skirt and no panties. I ordered her to take a photo of her nice shaved cunt for me when she sat in the car, before taking off. Instructions were to sit in the drivers seat, spread her legs and point the camera up her skirt, and show me her wet glistening cunt. After the photo was received, I ordered her to commence driving and finger herself all the way into my office, to ensure she was dripping wet and extremely horny by the time she finished the 45 minute drive to me.

Twice during her drive in, I ordered her to pull over to the side of the road and stop to take additional photos for me. Her instructions when she arrived at my workplace was to park outside, walk into my building, walk to my office, then proceed to walk inside my office. The next part contained very explicit instructions, and no deviation was to occur no matter if my office was occupied by others, or not. No matter who was in my office at the time, no matter if I was in a meeting at the time, she would follow these instructions.

Firstly, she would stand at my office door, leave the door wide open, and lift up her skirt to show me her wet cunt, and to keep holding the skirt up, until I was satisfied. Once I had indicated I was satisfied, she would walk silently to me, get on her knees in front of me, reach forward, unzip my pants, pull my cock out and start sucking my cock.

As always, she followed the instructions to perfection, and I have many great photos of this event for our own personal memories. From there, I then decided to take her up to a busy lookout, and make her slowly remove 1 piece of clothing at a time, and pose for my photographs. No matter who was around, this was to occur. She followed me up to the lookout and this was done to perfection. 

I then decided it was time to fuck her. Cars everywhere, people everywhere, I fucked her hard, fast, savagely, over the hood bonnet of our car. When finished, I let the cum run out of her pussy, down her thighs, with instructions to go home, without cleaning up.

I went back to my office, with the smell of her juices smothering my cock, and resumed my workday. One of my executive assistants had just come into my office to deliver some documents for me that required my signature, and as she was walking out of my office door, turned back and said “I will be back soon with some acquisition paperwork that needs to be signed off”

I thought back to my wife’s earlier obedience at my instructions, and wondered about what reactions would have occured, had one of my EA’s or any number of my other staff walked in mid blowjob. My cock got hard at the thought. Very hard. I picked up my phone, and began looking at the images I had taken during the session, and I began to stroke my cock through the fabric of my pants. This was a teasing feeling, the fabric rubbing against the shaft and tender head of my cock. 

I wondered how long until my EA returned with the paperwork. Her desk is only 10-20 metres outside my office, so it could be any moment, or it could be a while if she tended to phone calls and emails first. My cock got harder at this thought of being caught masturbating over pictures of my wife. Pictures of the act she had just performed on my cock a few hours earlier, in this same office.

I setup another phone to record myself masturbating. My wife loves to watch videos of a man masturbating, especially when he cums. The movements, the guttural sound of a man as he reaches orgasm. It floats her boat and she enjoys it. She really enjoys it when I do it for her. I don’t record it often for her, so I thought I would give her a nice juicy present for being such a good little slave and pleasing her Master. I pressed record and settled back into the chair.

I began to unzip. Leaned back in my chair. For an office chair, it’s very nice. It’s a beautiful leather recliner, worth about $1,000. Comfortable. Allows me to recline back at different stages. I found the perfect angle, and put my phone on my desk and hit random play on my photos. My desk is side on in my office, so if someone walks in through my office door, they can see anything that is on my desk, on my computer screens, and have full view of me. I don’t know they are there, until they are at the door.

I pulled my cock out, and began stroking it. Slowly. Deliberately. Sensually. I wanted to enjoy this. The risk of being caught, wasn’t going to make me hurry. The scene from earlier that day was highly erotic, and I wanted to reflect on that eroticism and enjoy it. 

My hand started stroking my shaft, working its way up and down, building up the sensation. I was visually stimulated, watching the different images playing on the photo viewer of my phone. My other hand started playing with one of my nipples through my shirt, squeezing, pinching, pulling. Pain and pleasure. My favourite mix.

I continued to stroke my cock, feeling the sensation build. I ran my other hand down over my stomach and let it trail down to my balls. I cupped my balls and scrotum, enjoying the sensation it sent through my scrotum, but also enjoying the feel of my sack and nuts in my hand. 

My stroking began to escalate in motion. My cock was throbbing. Hot and thick, I could feel the blood pumping through my thick veins on the shaft. My senses were heightened. I felt my balls begin to tighten, and my cock begin to expand. I was going to cum. I was close. I was trying to keep the noise to a minimum. I felt it build, and stood up suddenly, and the chair shot out from under me, sliding across the room on its rollers and smashing into the wall behind me. 

I could feel it building. Feel it climbing. My orgasm was close. I decided to edge myself a little, to intensify the orgasm. Each time I edged, the feeling grew, the pleasure expanded. My breathing had intensified, my chest was heaving, my erect nipples being stimulated by the fabric of my shirt.

And then it washed over me. That amazing leg wobbling tingly feeling, as your balls explode, your asshole puckers in delight, and you feel the orgasm flow through you and you feel the cum begin to rise up from your balls and flow through your cock, then erupt as your load shoots out from the end of your cock. 

That’s correct ladies. Let me try to describe to you how a man feels as he cums.

We feel our balls pull up inside our sack, as our muscles contract in anticipation of that ecstatic moment of bliss. The scrotum and testicles begin to pulse up and down. Waves of pleasure begin to run through our bodies, as we begin an erotic sensory based journey of absolute epic bliss. 

Sounds, smells, taste and other senses heighten, as everything in our body begins to build towards the goal of climax. It’s an insane rush of mixed senses, a sensation very hard to describe. The sensation begins in the scrotum and the anal passage, and intensifies and builds. The intensity builds and then begins to spread. 

You feel the sensation spread through your ass, across your ass cheeks, and down your legs, it moves up the shaft of your cock, then builds and flows through your stomach, moving with the blood pumping through your veins, as it spreads through your body.

Different muscles begin to spasm across our body. Our cock, balls, legs, back, asshole, it’s just a continuous dance of pleasure that flows through our body. A pleasure built on anticipation of what is to come, what is building up. Pleasure derived by physical touch, as well as emotional stimulation from the fantasy that we are imagining at the time.

Our cock begins to heat up, and also begins to throb. Our asshole puckers and involuntarily clenches continuously, as the pleasurable sensations pulse through our erogenous zones. The tightness in the balls begins to really build to a significant level that is almost uncomfortable, if the feeling wasn’t so erotic. 

The penis engorges even further, as the moment rises, and then just before the explosion of ecstasy and orgasm occurs, our cocks expand. We can feel the cum erupt from inside the depth of our balls, and we feel it flow up through our cock, from the base, and continuing up the shaft. 

If a man controls it well enough, he can feel it run through his cock centimetre by centimetre. A feeling that is totally indescribable, but amazingly mind shattering in its pleasure.

Then once he feels that the cum has nearly reached the head of his cock, he slams his hand backwards on his shaft, pulling the skin as tight as possible, allowing the head to pull open the eye of his cock, to allow a thick, solid stream of cum to launch from his cock, as he ejaculates his love juice. 

Each pump of the cock, an amazing journey of ecstasy, as he unloads a steady, thick ropey stream of cum, again and again, until his balls are finally empty. 

Complete. Sated. Blood begins to release and muscle begins to loosen as he loses his erection, and his cock begins to go limp, and the orgasm washes through his body and sedates the mind. 

Everything around him is almost moving in slow motion, and he is aware of your his own heartbeat pounding in his ears, and his rapid breathing that owns and consumes his chest, as his body begins to calm and his mind is taken over by the release of melatonin. Waves of pleasure continue to wash over his body. Like aftershocks of an earthquake. Orgasmic ripples of pleasure.

I am personally lucky enough to be able to orgasm and then after the orgasm subsides, I have another wave of pleasure, as I begin to cum. But also let me point out that an orgasm from masturbation of your own hand is a much less intense feeling, than that of an orgasm received from another person giving you a handjob, blowjob or through stimulation of vaginal or anal sex.

As always, enjoy your journey.


Kink thought of the day : Allow the bridges that you burn in kink, to shed enough light to show you the way on your future journey.


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No beauty shines brighter than that of a good, honest and genuine heart…..

I hear the saying “Beauty is only skin deep.” Beauty isn’t skin deep. Beauty is what’s inside. Beauty is actually soul deep. 

Warning : Reflections in the mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty, created by superficial and shallow people. But more importantly. No amount of foundation or makeup can cover up an unattractive personality, or hide an ugly heart.

Beauty isn’t about having the fairest of skin, or the prettiest of faces. It’s about having an uplifting attitude, a joyous spirit, a pretty mind, a kind heart, an accepting nature, and most importantly, a beautiful soul.

Some people try to equate beauty to perfection. Beauty is the opposite of perfection. Once you realise how beautiful you are inside, that beauty will create confidence, charisma and character. Those characteristics that allow you to share positivity with the world and those around you. And characteristics that make an impact and a genuine, lasting impression on others.

A beautiful face doesn’t mean anything without a beautiful heart. No beauty shines brighter than that of a good, honest and genuine heart.

Beauty is not about being flawless. Beauty actually shines ***through*** your flaws.

External beauty only gets superficial attention. Personality captures the heart.

You create beauty with your attitude, your behaviour, your actions.

Why do we close our eyes when we kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but are in fact felt by the heart.

When we look in a mirror, we see a reflection of ourselves and our appearance. Forget about that for a moment. Take a look at your heart. That is where you see the reflection and beauty of your soul. 

Beauty. Inside and out. 

A good heart keeps you beautiful forever.

You. Are. Beautiful.

As always, I hope you are enjoying your kink journey.


Tonight you will worship my fucking cock…..

It had been three weeks since I had seen my princess. Three long fucking weeks. I had flown her down on Friday night just gone and I had been waiting at the airport for her to arrive. My instructions were simple. Wear a light sundress that is see through against the light of the sun (that way people at the airport she was leaving from got to enjoy her body as it silhouetted through her dress against the sun). Wear a set of cum fuck me knee high boots. And wear no panties. She had decided to get inventive and instead wear a pair of very pretty crotchless panties.

When she arrived, she was a breathtakingly beautiful sight. Men watched her, some openly, some sneaking in glances. It was delicious to see the attention she received. My cock throbbed at the sight of her. Perfect legs, perfect ass, silky flowing blond hair, eyes that capture you and melt your heart. My cock throbbed even more as it filled my jeans, pushing and trying to break free of my jeans. My jeans didn’t hide my erection. At all. They never do. It throbbed and pushed and exposed my manhoods erect outline. And I didn’t want to conceal it. I wanted the world to see what my princess does to me. How she affects me. How she makes my cock hard at just the sight of her.

As we walked to the car, she leaned into me and told me how she had felt wet most of the way, and had to check the seats that she had sat on at the airport and in the plane, fearing she had been leaving puddles. We jumped into the car and my hand instantly moved between her legs. 

“Spread your fucking legs, Princess” 

She obeyed instantly, her knees spreading wide, her dress riding upwards exposing her panties and beautiful cunt, as my hand moved up her inner thigh, finding the fabric of her pretty crotchless panties. We began driving out of the airport, as my hand continued to explore. Cameras trained everywhere, watching, recording. I enjoyed knowing that the airport security was watching, and enjoying looking at my wife’s delicious cunt. My fingers found it’s prize. Her lovely wet lips, and throbbing clitoris. She certainly was wet. My fingers teased the outside of her lips, and her clitoris, and I could feel her react. I continued to play, enjoying the show we were putting on for the cameras.

But it was time to stop. This was not how the night was going to start. I had other plans. Princess was going to pleasure her Sir first. 

We arrived at the hotel. I sat her on the bed and instructed her to unzip me and set my throbbing cock free. She eagerly unzipped my jeans and grabbed my shaft. She wanted my pre-cum. She loves licking the pre-cum from the head of my cock. It is almost a ritual for her, and she thoroughly enjoys the taste and texture. She knows that sticky prize is hers.

I told her to stand, and I pull down my jeans and lay down on the bed. 

“Time to worship your King my princess. Time to make love to my cock with your mouth.”

She lowers herself to her knees, grips my thickness with her hand and replies with ***”Yes Daddy”*** as her eyes lower, and she licks her lips, preparing for her cock worship session. 

I looked down at her beautiful face as she began to worship my cock, and felt her excitement, felt her love, felt her adoration, and truly felt her submission. The view I had is exactly what you see in the picture below. My beautiful and stunning princess, worshipping my cock.

What happened next, and for the rest of the weekend, is reserved for other stories, and other pictures, yet to be published.

To be continued……

Her lips trembled, as she moaned the words “Oh my….Wh..wh..wh..what are you doing to me?”

He had her placed on her hands and knees, head forward, chin raised, blindfold fixed over her eyes, obscuring her vision. His hand reached down and his fingers traced upwards along her thighs. His hand gripped the pleated edge of her skirt, and raised it up and over her hips, exposing her white cotton panties.

Her lips trembled, as she moaned the words “Oh my….Wh..wh..wh..what are you doing to me?”

 He smiled to himself, enjoying the trepidation in her voice, as his fingers slipped under the fabric of her panties and felt her eager and accepting wetness. He leaned forward, put his mouth to her ear as slipped his fingers gently inside, and in a deep, husky voice growled the words “Showing you that you belong to me now, little one.” as he positioned himself behind her, preparing to take her, fill her and own her…..

Daddy craves it all from you babygirl….

Aged whiskey, your moans and the taste of your fucking pain in those tears that roll down your flushed cheeks, as I lick them from your face. Daddy craves it all.

I will take them from you babygirl. I will take those things, and so much fucking more. It will be nasty. It will be breathtakingly brutal and savage. It will be on my terms, my way.

And you will give it all to me, babygirl. Willingly. Without question. Without reservation.
You will give yourself to me.

Because you want to, need to, and choose to feel, experience, taste and share my darkness…..

And ultimately, because you, my babygirl, are mine…..