Life-changing experiences, both negative and positive, drive my soul and mould the person that I have become. I’m adventurous, a voracious learner and a passionate lover of life, people and positivity.

Extroverted in quiet and subtle ways. Fashionably unfashionable. Loyal to a fault. A stubborn procrastinator. Animal lover. Fervent explorer and survivor of our world, made with creative bones and a musical soul. An old fashioned hopeless romantic. A contradiction wrapped in a conundrum.

I like to explore and experience anything that touches my 5 senses and feeds my soul: deep conversation, music, singing out of tune, flea markets, reading, film, travel, whiskey, tattoos/piercings, passion, seduction, kisses, astronomy, philosophy, laws of attraction, hiking, casual dining, cooking, physical touch/skin on skin.

Music and portry form part of my soul and my entire existence. I love nothing more than to close my eyes and fall victim to the passionate sounds of beautiful music that moves you, as it travels through my body and caresses my senses.

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