You want to be taken, used and fucked like a whore….

You want someone to physically take you. Steely grip around your throat, pin you against the wall, tear your clothes off, piece by piece, slapping you hard as each piece is relentlessly torn from your body.

You want to struggle, to gasp as you feel his other hand reach down and invade your dripping cunt, sliding fingers into you, and savagely finger fucking you so intensely that he rips orgasms from your screaming body, and your body reacting in ways you never imagined, as you squirt your passion violently all down your legs and you flood the floor with your cum.

You want to be forced to your knees, to have your mouth forced open and to feel his thick cock pass your lips. You want to be face fucked, and have that cock forced down your throat, to make you gag and fight for air, as he controls you and keeps fucking your throat, looking up at him as he watches you, knowing he is getting off as he watches you struggle for breath.

You want to feel him use you, intentionally and brutally use you, for his own selfish pleasure. You want to feel his cock swell up just before he cums, and listen to him groan as he loses control and floods your throat with his thick, sticky load……

You want to be used to please him. Used as an object to pleasure him. Used by him, when, where and how he fucking wants….

Fuck. Did I say that out loud? 

Excuse me for a moment. I got a little carried away thinking about that last filthy little fucking whore that came to me begging to be used…..


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