The reason she submits…..

She struggles to explain it, yet she feels it deep within her soul every time. His look, his voice, his words, his lips & his cock bring her to her knees, each time, every time.

The memories so distant, yet so vivid. The feel of him that lingers seductively on her tongue. The taste that remains a memory on her lips. The scent of spent lust still teasing her heightened senses. The thought of his erotically charged touch that lead to greedy groans of need and lust. Quiet whispers from him that create seduction, need and desire. Intense kisses driven by passionate hunger, that end in sweat, tears and swollen lips. 

Her cheeks flushed a deep crimson red as she thinks about the depraved things he had done to her body. Every inch of her body ached as a reminder of where he had been, and what he had done. 

The feeling of unrelenting desire where his hands had traced her body and her curves. The wetness of her cunt as his hands introduced her to, and taught her about, the intense beauty of impact play. The desire to hold his intense stare, and never look away. The aroma of their mixed scents of sex dancing on her skin. The taste of him that haunts her senses. The laboured breathing that consumes her chest and soon begins to quiet. The intense rush of the orgasms that he ripped from her willing body. The unrelenting pull to surrender to his darkness. The urgency to taste his pain. The want for him. The desire for him to want her. The need for him and the need to both please and pleasure him. 

The ability to let go of all control, to hand it over completely, but still remain in a safe place. Knowing that his strong arms will always support and hold her when she falters and stumbles. Knowing he will protect her from everything in this world, including herself. Knowing that he will introduce her to real fear, but never put her safety in question. Knowing that he will hurt her, but never harm her. 

That forms a small part of the reason that a submissive gives herself to a Dominant.


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