I would sit there and just watch her……

I would sit there and just watch her.

I had always wanted to fuck her. Not a gentle, loving kind of fuck. Not seductively. I didn’t want to be sensual or make love to her. No. I wanted to let my nasty loose and introduce her to pain. To restrain her, then torment her body and soul. To deliver real pain and heavy impact to her body, and torment her mind. The type of impact that made her cry. The type that made her scream for me to stop, but in the same breath, beg for me to continue.

I wanted to fuck her. In the most brutal of ways. To fuck her in debauched, depraved and really fucking nasty ways. In a way so fucking brutal, that it made her feel true fear. Fear that I was going to damage her, break her. Fear that made her mind overload and scream for me to stop. The same fear that made her cunt betray her, as it clenched and dripped and made her cry out for more.

I would just sit there and watch her.

If only she glanced my way, held my stare and looked into my eyes, and really knew what I was thinking….

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