Her lips trembled, as she moaned the words “Oh my….Wh..wh..wh..what are you doing to me?”

He had her placed on her hands and knees, head forward, chin raised, blindfold fixed over her eyes, obscuring her vision. His hand reached down and his fingers traced upwards along her thighs. His hand gripped the pleated edge of her skirt, and raised it up and over her hips, exposing her white cotton panties.

Her lips trembled, as she moaned the words “Oh my….Wh..wh..wh..what are you doing to me?”

 He smiled to himself, enjoying the trepidation in her voice, as his fingers slipped under the fabric of her panties and felt her eager and accepting wetness. He leaned forward, put his mouth to her ear as slipped his fingers gently inside, and in a deep, husky voice growled the words “Showing you that you belong to me now, little one.” as he positioned himself behind her, preparing to take her, fill her and own her…..

Daddy craves it all from you babygirl….

Aged whiskey, your moans and the taste of your fucking pain in those tears that roll down your flushed cheeks, as I lick them from your face. Daddy craves it all.

I will take them from you babygirl. I will take those things, and so much fucking more. It will be nasty. It will be breathtakingly brutal and savage. It will be on my terms, my way.

And you will give it all to me, babygirl. Willingly. Without question. Without reservation.
You will give yourself to me.

Because you want to, need to, and choose to feel, experience, taste and share my darkness…..

And ultimately, because you, my babygirl, are mine…..

A thousand lustful kisses…..

Sometimes, on those dark and lonely nights, she reached out to where he used to lay. The sorrow and loneliness threatening to consume her, as she remembered when he used to cover her body in a thousand lustful kisses, his tongue and lips tracing her name, his name and their story, sensually and erotically, over every inch of her body……

I would sit there and just watch her……

I would sit there and just watch her.

I had always wanted to fuck her. Not a gentle, loving kind of fuck. Not seductively. I didn’t want to be sensual or make love to her. No. I wanted to let my nasty loose and introduce her to pain. To restrain her, then torment her body and soul. To deliver real pain and heavy impact to her body, and torment her mind. The type of impact that made her cry. The type that made her scream for me to stop, but in the same breath, beg for me to continue.

I wanted to fuck her. In the most brutal of ways. To fuck her in debauched, depraved and really fucking nasty ways. In a way so fucking brutal, that it made her feel true fear. Fear that I was going to damage her, break her. Fear that made her mind overload and scream for me to stop. The same fear that made her cunt betray her, as it clenched and dripped and made her cry out for more.

I would just sit there and watch her.

If only she glanced my way, held my stare and looked into my eyes, and really knew what I was thinking….

“Face down, I’m not fucking interested in that part of you”

He was a mountain of a man, intimidating, rough, but strangely satisfying. They had only recently met, and every interaction with him she felt totally violated. She had always been a good girl, the prim and proper type. Always managing to have things her way and always getting what she wanted, so suddenly being with him was a very different world for her.

They had met online, and his opening line was ‘You’re pretty fucking sexy, wanna take my cock like a good little slut?’. She was utterly shocked, but also extremely turned on. They exchanged messages for a few minutes, and without wasting any time, he simply invited himself around there and then.

She wasn’t ready at all, she was a bit of a mess and the house was even worse. She quickly tidied up a little, and was about to apply some make-up when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. She rushed to the door, and stood before it. She waited a few seconds, took a deep breath, and opened it.

He hulked over her, by at least a foot. She greeted him, to which he responded “We do this my way, ok?”. She laughed, to which he stared intensely at her. “Sounds… good.” She replied, and she invited him in. She turned around to kiss him, and he grabbed her by the throat. A grip that was rough and hard. Controlled.

His grip on her was inescapable, not that she wanted to get out. She felt herself giving in to his Dominating desires. She could feel how wet she was becoming. His other hand reached down and tore her shirt from her body. It wasn't long before he had torn all her clothes from her body, leaving her naked, vulnerable.

“Now be a good little fucking whore and maybe I’ll let you cum.” She was horrified, yet mystified by him. No one had ever spoken this way to her before and she was absolutely dripping as the words rolled off his tongue, verbally violating her.

“Face down, I’m not interested in that part of you”. He treated her like his personal ragdoll, forcing her into the position he wanted. She hadn't had the chance to touch him, suck his cock, or any of the other things she was used to doing during casual sexual encounters. He still wasn’t wearing a condom. Normally she’d demand her sexual partner to wear one, but she didn’t dare speak up.

She did as he ordered, bent over, and buried her face, preparing herself mentally for the bareback dryfucking she was about to receive. He forced himself inside her, not putting her comfort into consideration as he pumped away, only caring about his own desires being filled. As she lay there getting painfully stretched, she hoped he’d want to meet again one day soon…

Eat her like you would eat your last meal on this earth…..

Remember that she is yours, not because you take her, but because she chooses to give herself to you. She belongs to you, because she chooses to give you ownership of her body, soul, spirit and essence. Her everything. Show her how much that gift means to you. Show her how special she is.

Enjoy her, taste her, touch her, kiss her, hold her. Eat her like you would eat your last meal on this earth. Every single time.

She belongs to you. That is something so fucking rare and special.

Make her understand and feel that. Make her know that you understand that. Every time you interact.

She is yours. Prove to her you are worth that honour.


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