You want to be taken, used and fucked like a whore….

You want someone to physically take you. Steely grip around your throat, pin you against the wall, tear your clothes off, piece by piece, slapping you hard as each piece is relentlessly torn from your body.

You want to struggle, to gasp as you feel his other hand reach down and invade your dripping cunt, sliding fingers into you, and savagely finger fucking you so intensely that he rips orgasms from your screaming body, and your body reacting in ways you never imagined, as you squirt your passion violently all down your legs and you flood the floor with your cum.

You want to be forced to your knees, to have your mouth forced open and to feel his thick cock pass your lips. You want to be face fucked, and have that cock forced down your throat, to make you gag and fight for air, as he controls you and keeps fucking your throat, looking up at him as he watches you, knowing he is getting off as he watches you struggle for breath.

You want to feel him use you, intentionally and brutally use you, for his own selfish pleasure. You want to feel his cock swell up just before he cums, and listen to him groan as he loses control and floods your throat with his thick, sticky load……

You want to be used to please him. Used as an object to pleasure him. Used by him, when, where and how he fucking wants….

Fuck. Did I say that out loud? 

Excuse me for a moment. I got a little carried away thinking about that last filthy little fucking whore that came to me begging to be used…..


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Sometimes on those dark and lonely nights….

“Sometimes, on those dark and lonely nights, she reached out to where he used to lay. The sorrow and loneliness threatening to consume her, as she remembered when he used to cover her body in a thousand lustful kisses, his tongue and lips tracing her name, his name and their story, sensually and erotically, over every inch of her body……”

~ words by AussiePrimal

Memories of love and lust….

The scent of him on your bed sheets

The sting of his hand on your flesh

The sweetness of his delicate kisses

The sounds of his lustful moans

Memories from a not so distant past

Sweet, beautiful and hauntingly delicious

A love that once was, but can no longer be

A sadness that rises from deep within

Lust and love now simply tear filled longing…….

The reason she submits…..

She struggles to explain it, yet she feels it deep within her soul every time. His look, his voice, his words, his lips & his cock bring her to her knees, each time, every time.

The memories so distant, yet so vivid. The feel of him that lingers seductively on her tongue. The taste that remains a memory on her lips. The scent of spent lust still teasing her heightened senses. The thought of his erotically charged touch that lead to greedy groans of need and lust. Quiet whispers from him that create seduction, need and desire. Intense kisses driven by passionate hunger, that end in sweat, tears and swollen lips. 

Her cheeks flushed a deep crimson red as she thinks about the depraved things he had done to her body. Every inch of her body ached as a reminder of where he had been, and what he had done. 

The feeling of unrelenting desire where his hands had traced her body and her curves. The wetness of her cunt as his hands introduced her to, and taught her about, the intense beauty of impact play. The desire to hold his intense stare, and never look away. The aroma of their mixed scents of sex dancing on her skin. The taste of him that haunts her senses. The laboured breathing that consumes her chest and soon begins to quiet. The intense rush of the orgasms that he ripped from her willing body. The unrelenting pull to surrender to his darkness. The urgency to taste his pain. The want for him. The desire for him to want her. The need for him and the need to both please and pleasure him. 

The ability to let go of all control, to hand it over completely, but still remain in a safe place. Knowing that his strong arms will always support and hold her when she falters and stumbles. Knowing he will protect her from everything in this world, including herself. Knowing that he will introduce her to real fear, but never put her safety in question. Knowing that he will hurt her, but never harm her. 

That forms a small part of the reason that a submissive gives herself to a Dominant.


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Domination is more than a simple act of pleasure……

Domination is more than a simple act of pleasure. It is the ability to be able to connect with a person so intimately, so closely, that their mind, body and soul intertwines with yours. To take control of their mind and their free will is breathtaking. The touch is amazingly electrifying. The connection becomes raw, pure and primal. Needs, desires, wants and appetites all meet, creating a flow of passion so intense, that nothing can break through the intense connection that is made during the intimacy of the session at hand. A crescendo of passion, shared between two people, senses heightened to the point of bursting. At that moment in time, you become, a part of them. Nothing on this earth, or in this life, compares to the fulfilment of true domination of a totally willing submissive.

Oh fuck yes, treat me like your filthy little fucking whore…….

“What is it that you want?”

“I want to be used by you.”

“Tell me what you really fucking want.”

“I want you to use me for whatever you like.”

“I know what you fucking want.”

“You do……?”

“You want me to violate you, use you, hurt you.”

“I do want that. Oh god I want that.”

“Tell me what you really fucking want.”

“I want you to fuck me like a slut.”

“What else do you want?”

“I want to be fucked hard. I want to feel real pain. I want my holes stretched and used.”

“You want me to treat you like my filthy little fucking whore, don’t you…..”

“Oh fuck yes, treat me like your filthy little fucking whore.”

“You want to be treated like the worthless little cunt you are, don’t you, you fucking slut?”

“Oh god yes, treat me like your worthless little cunt.”

“Get on your knees cunt. On your knees and offer yourself to me. Time to worship my cock. Time to become my fucking whore.”

“Oh fuck. Oh god yes. Thank you. Thank you Sir……”


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