Bound together…

She was bound to him.

Not by intimidation or threat.

Not by force or coercion.

Not by rope or restraints.

Nor by collar or leash.

She was bound to him.

Because of her submission.

His Dominance.

And the way their souls touched the moment his lips met hers…

Her heart leaks sorrow and her soul drips despair…..

She remembers back to that haunting memory

When he was lost to her on that bleak winters night ~

She gets tired of pretending

That she’s anything that even resembles ok ~

Her anxiety it blooms, her depression it consumes

Her heart leaks sorrow and her soul drips despair ~

How does she carry on when all she loves seems lost

Everything but memories carried away by the winds of time ~

Those happy days now long gone

Yet memories so vivid torturing her mind ~

No sound is evicted as the memories cascade

Her mouth opens emitting silent screams ~

Just a fleeting and distant memory

In what seems like a now foreign land ~

She reaches out desperation taking hold

A deep seeded longing to once again be His…..

Time to fuck this whore in a way she’d never forget…..

It had started off gentle.

Gentle kisses.

Soft words.

Light touches.

Caressing of the skin with fingertips.

Teasing of the senses.

Her quiet moans as she responded to his tender touch.

He felt it rise within him.

He tried to keep it contained.

His nasty.

His brutal.

Time for gentle was over.

He wanted her.

Not just her moans.

Not just her passion.

Not just her wetness.

Not just her lustful desires.

He wanted her moans.

Her groans.

He wanted her fucking screams.

Shoving her onto her back.

Grabbing her ankles.

Forcing them up and over her head.

Pushing her ankles down hard.

Folding her body into two.

Watching her face contort.

As the position stretched her tendons and muscles.

Her face becoming an eager mixture

Of anticipated pleasure and actual pain.

The position perfect.

Exposing her wet, eager cunt.

Her kitty opening wide, ready to receive him.

Positioning himself perfectly above her.

Hard cock placed against her wet, needy hole.

Teasing her cunt lips with the head of his cock.

Inserting only the head into her greedy little fucking hole.

Feeling her struggle against him, trying to break his hold.

Trying to twist her hips, her body.

To rise up and allow her cunt to swallow his cock.

He looked at her with an evil smile..

Enjoying her visible discomfort.

Pain created from her body being twisted into this position.

Her relentless desire and need to feel him inside her.

Her eyes meeting his, the look intense and desperate.

A look filled with both need and greed.

His eyes flash, the Sadist in him firing up.

The grip on her ankles tightening.

He pushes her ankles wide, spreading her legs and cunt further.

He pushes her ankles down harder, positioning her just right.

Time for teasing is over.

Time to use her for his pleasure.

He plunges.

Hard, deep, nasty.

His cock stretching her tight little cunt.

Impaling her.

The thrust is thick, deep, hard.

He feels that first plunge hit home.

Her cervix. Impact.

Brutal force.

Her body reacts involuntarily.

But exactly as he wants.

The impact starts her convulsing.

Her cunt clenching, gripping his shaft tightly.

That mixture of pleasure and instant pain.

She craves it. His length. His thickness.

His nasty. His brutal. His darkness.

She wants it all. Desperate need.

”Who’s fucking whore are you?”

His deep guttural voice made her clench.

”Yours….oh god….yours….I’m your fucking whore, Sir.”

She hears him growl again.

”And what do you fucking want, whore?”

She heard the words escape from her mouth.

”Oh god….oh fuck….fuck me….hurt me….break me….please….”

He looks at her and smiles.

”As you fucking wish”

He pulls back and plunges in again.

No mercy for this cunt.

Deep, hard, nasty and brutal.

Cervix deep, time and time again.

Each impact creating a sound so beautiful to his ears.

The sound of her moans and groans.

Evolving into a scream with each and every thrust.

The sound of screams mixed with laboured breathing.

The tempo and volume controlled by his cock.

Time to fuck this whore in a way shes always wanted.

In a way she’ll never, ever forget……

She yearned for it all……

She would lose herself in his eyes, silently willing him to make her his object of pleasure. To discover her. To use her as he desired. To make her his fucktoy.

She yearned for him to touch her, to relish in the way he would find those undiscovered and filthy spots as he kissed her and it created new hunger & old desires to collide

She needed to be restrained, used, beaten and brutally fucked. She longed for the feeling of him painting her skin with the strokes of his passion and create the erotic shades of her pain.

She wanted him to create everlasting memories for her. Memories of him using her savagely, but at the same time covering her body in a thousand sensual and lustful kisses, while his tongue traced her name erotically over every inch of her.

She needed to disappear into his embrace, to be bask in his warmth, to drown in his kiss, be enveloped by his tenderness and be destroyed by his brutality.

She needed it all.

She wanted it all.

She yearned for it all…..

She wants to matter

Her needs really are simple.

She doesn’t search for uber Dominance.

She doesn’t crave over bearing manliness.

What she wants him to have

Is honest eyes

Honest and true intent

And an honest heart

For him to possess compassion

To understand acceptance

To have inner strength

And understanding of self

But most importantly

She wants to know

That she truly matters to him…..


Our souls crave solitude together. To find silence and escape from the bustle of this hectic world. A world of people driven by greed and the incessant need to belittle and destroy the happy in others.

Our souls search for the quiet that can only be found when in the soothing and beautiful company of each other. That place where we find our way back to the beauty found in the quiet, yet discerning company of each other. 

Where we can get lost in the oceans of each other’s love. Where we can lose ourselves in amazing sunsets and tempestuous tropical downpours. Where we can find beauty in desolation and company in isolation. 

No matter how far we roam in this world or how lost we find ourselves, we always find our way back to the safety found in the company of each other’s embrace. 

You want to be taken, used and fucked like a whore….

You want someone to physically take you. Steely grip around your throat, pin you against the wall, tear your clothes off, piece by piece, slapping you hard as each piece is relentlessly torn from your body.

You want to struggle, to gasp as you feel his other hand reach down and invade your dripping cunt, sliding fingers into you, and savagely finger fucking you so intensely that he rips orgasms from your screaming body, and your body reacting in ways you never imagined, as you squirt your passion violently all down your legs and you flood the floor with your cum.

You want to be forced to your knees, to have your mouth forced open and to feel his thick cock pass your lips. You want to be face fucked, and have that cock forced down your throat, to make you gag and fight for air, as he controls you and keeps fucking your throat, looking up at him as he watches you, knowing he is getting off as he watches you struggle for breath.

You want to feel him use you, intentionally and brutally use you, for his own selfish pleasure. You want to feel his cock swell up just before he cums, and listen to him groan as he loses control and floods your throat with his thick, sticky load……

You want to be used to please him. Used as an object to pleasure him. Used by him, when, where and how he fucking wants….

Fuck. Did I say that out loud? 

Excuse me for a moment. I got a little carried away thinking about that last filthy little fucking whore that came to me begging to be used…..


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